Polymer Technology and Surface Engineering

A high sub-atomic weight polymer can be 10,000-100,000 monomers in length! Polymer chains interpenetrate each other when broken down in dissolvable. Polymers like molecularly imprinted hydrogels , are utilized to channel viral infections out of our blood. Materials like polynorborene could be utilized as a part of athletic shoes to retain vitality amid running or bouncing, forestalling stun to the foot or leg. They are chemical compounds which are made up of a large number of identical components linked together like chains and are the raw materials (the resins) used to make plastics and rubber. Polymer Technology has carved a place in the fields of electronics and electrical materials, automobile industry, textiles, aerospace industry and so on.

If the surface cannot adequately withstand the external forces or environment an engineering component usually fails to which it is subjected.  Surface material can increase performance, control surface properties and reduce costs independently of the substrate, offering enormous potential. 

Molecularly imprinted polymers

Super Absorbent Polymers

Polymer Structure and Properties

Synthesis of Polymers

Polymer Characterization and Degradation


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