Emerging Trends in Materials Science

There are many emerging technologies in Materials science to improve the quality of products and their span. Aerogel, a manufactured permeable ultra-light material which is gotten from a gel, in that the fluid part of the gel has been supplanted with a gas. Silica aerogels can be utilized as a part of imaging gadgets, optics, and light aides. Conductive polymers are natural polymers that direct power. A fullerene is a particle of carbon as an empty circle, ellipsoid, tube. Fullerenes are comparative in structure to graphite, which is made out of stacked graphene sheets of connected hexagonal rings.

•           Thin films and Devices for Next generation Memories and Processors

•           Materials Design and Materials Genomics

•           3D Printing

•           Nanoscale Machining

•           Titanium Aerospace Apllications

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