Electronic, Optical and Photonic Materials

The Photonic and Electronic Materials gives an expansive exhibit of research activities in semiconductor materials development, physical properties, and electronic and optoelectronic gadgets. . Blue lasers for semiconductor lighting  and optical laser storage represent  significant activities in the Solid State Lighting and Energy Electronics Center. Recently, a research accentuation in Si and non-Si-based microelectromechanical frameworks has emerged.

These materials are of pivotal significance to our general public due to their regularly expanding use in the microelectronic,opto-electronic gadgets and magnetic materials that empower items, for example, PCs, hard drives, cell phones.Leading edge investigate on materials incorporate photovoltaic and nanophotonic thin films for solar powered cells, natural semiconductors for adaptable hardware and opto-electronic gadgets, complex oxide materials for cutting edge magnetoelectronic gadgets, and magnetic materials for spintronic gadgets. 

•           Spintronics

•           Semiconducting Oxides

•           Novel Semiconductor Composites

•           GaN related materials

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